Here you’ll find a disparate collection of work I’ve poured time into over the years. My portfolio focuses on my writing, but also included web design and a variety of other multimedia projects.

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Web Writing

BlogBlog: Oh look, it’s my blog! You’ve probably already found it by now (there’s a handy link to it just above this text) but it deserves an inclusion here nonetheless.  I use my blog to write short (or sometimes long) articles on games, movies, music, or whatever strikes my fancy.  It’s less a journal and more a collection of casual-but-pointed examinations of various pieces of media.  I hope to use a similar style when writing for other sites in the future — consider it a portfolio within a portfolio.


Born for WiiBorn for Wii: For about 7 months I wrote this column for gaming blog Nintendo Wii Fanboy; every week I opined about a game that deserves a revival or sequel on the Wii by conceptualizing how a motion-based control scheme would improve it. Occasionally the star of the week was a WiiWare proposal with a more traditional control scheme.  Examples of each include Panzer Dragoon Orta and Four Swords Adventures. Joystiq consolidated in Jaunary 2009, resulting in layoffs for writers across the network, including Wii Fanboy’s columnists.  It was a good run while it lasted!

Eyes on Final FantasyEyes on Final Fantasy: Though it is only a fan site, Eyes on Final Fantasy was, for many years, one of the most competitive sources of information for the series.  From mid-2005 to mid-2008, I was responsible for the majority of news entries on the site, totalling over 150 pieces of content.  Additionally, I gathered content for and wrote each page for the Advent Children and Last Order sections of the website and created my own screenshots for each film.


Journalistic Writing

Red & BlackRed & Black opinion writing: Here is a collection of personal columns I wrote for the University of Georgia independent student newspaper, The Red & Black.
Sarah Palin’s mishap a lesson for students
Apple’s new iPad an enlarged iPhone
Replacing Conan O’Brien big mistake


Queen personal essayQueen personal essay: A magazine-style personal essay reflecting on my love for music.  The catalyst?  My first album, Queen’s Greatest Hits.  This essay is about the music itself, but also about the development of my interest in music and about how it was slightly weird for a kid to love Queen.  Needless to say, a lot of it went over my head.  It’s my favorite magazine-style piece: it weaves the personal with the pop culture in a way that was fun and rewarding to write.


Observing UggsUgg observational piece: One of the most important, but difficult, aspects of reporting is being observant enough to pick up on the little, interesting details in the surrounding environment.  This short piece was simply an exercise in observation…but I decided to take a unique tact and keep an eye out for all the Ugg boots strolling by attached to college students.


UGA participates in first Global Game Jam

UGA participates in first Global Game Jam: For my Editing and Design class, I wrote this article about a local chapter of the Georgia Game Developers Association.  They participated in the Game Jam, a weekend-long competition to take a video game project from concept to some form of playable completion.  I attended the event for several hours and interviewed some of the participants.


Tim Riley: Democratic Challenger to District 47Tim Riley News Story: I interviewed the 2008 Democractic challenger for the 47th district of the Georgia Senate and wrote a news story about his campaign for a news writing class.  We talked about his goals for the campaign and how he hoped to differentiate himself from the Republican incumbent.  Unfortunately, he lost the campaign, but it was a fun interview and I was pleased with the short story I ended up with.


Academic Writing

Blood on the Horizon: Judge Holden as a Demonic Suzerain of the WestBlood on the Horizon: Judge Holden as a Demonic Suzerain of the West: This essay delves into the character of Judge Holden in Cormac McCarthy’s novel Blood Meridian.  I examined the Judge as a human, analyzing McCarthy’s descriptions of his physical features.  More importantly, I wrote about the Judge as a symbol; in Blood Meridian, Holden stands for war, death, destruction, Manifest Destiny — essentially, he is a warning of the very worst in humanity.


Double IndemnityDouble Indemnity – An Analysis: Film noir has long been one of my favorite genres to grace the silver screen, and reading James M. Cain’s original novel Double Indemnity was just as fascinating.  It’s easy to see why Billy Wilder’s film version was so successful — the original novel is just as gripping, but features an even stronger, darker criticism of modern society.  I wrote a lengthy essay examining the social evil Cain was trying to confront, and I couldn’t help making a few comparisons between the novelization and film presentations of Walter Neff’s descent into corruption.

Web Design

UGAmelabUGA Gamelab: In New Media Production, I built this website, along with three other team members, as a prototype for the UGA Gamelab.  The site runs on the Joomla! content management system, and we were tasked with developing an organization system using Sections and Categories, as well as modifying an existing Joomla! template to customize the site.  I installed a menu system, comment system, set up most of the navigation, and worked with the CSS to cobble everything together.  Our prototype was chosen to be applied to the real site.

WesleyFenlon.comWesleyFenlon.com – 1.0: I designed my site by extensively altering the CSS templates of an existing WordPress theme.  Who knows what the design will look like in the future, but I’m comfortable with the current black-and-white (with a hint of red) look.  Each page sports a unique header, which I especially wanted to distinguish the more professional main pages from the more casual blog page.


portfolio-link2Link2: I designed the Link2 website using Adobe Dreamweaver CS3.  It was conceptualized and built for a school project for Intro to New Media in the New Media Institute at the University of Georgia — we had to conceptualize a mobile media product and build a website to show it off.  To fit in with the New Media Institute’s visual style, I designed the Link2 site with a simple red-and-white color scheme and gave it a little texture.



Joomla! video walkthroughJoomla! video walkthrough: After building the UGA Gamelab site in Joomla!, we were tasked with creating a video walkthrough describing the construction process.  I used software called Snapz Pro for Mac OS X to capture the video, recorded audio with Audacity, and spliced the two together using iMovie.  The result is a visual representation of everything I worked on, along with an audio track guiding you through the creative process.


Love GameLÖVE 2D Game: To experiment with programming, my New Media Production class spent a few days working with LÖVE, the 2D game engine. Using simple graphics and a few basic pieces of code, I created a game in which the player searches behind trees to find hidden objects. There are several ways to play the game: download the .love file and LÖVE separately, or download an archived version that launches the game directly (Windows only).


More examples of my writing (as well as other multimedia projects) are available on the project page for my course Writing for the Web.


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